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Steve Barszcz, Esquire - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

This firm represents only individuals and never the interests of the government or big business.  We handle only injury and disability cases and we do our best to continue to learn and educate our clients in those areas .  We do not try to be everything to everybody.  That means that we do not handle family law, real estate or other areas of law that would dilute our practice.


As an injury attorney since 1991 I understand and appreciate the importance of being able to handle all aspects of a case from beginning to end.  This is particularly true in federal workers' compensation matters.  We can handle your case from an initial denial of money, medical care,  return to work or a schedule award.


Sometimes our clients are unable to return to work to their preinjury job or modified position.   In those instances, we proudly represent them in their disability claims for OPM Disability retirement and Social Security disability.  We counsel our clients on the interplay between the different forms of disability and the money payments they can receive by way of schedule award and OWCP wage loss.


I take great satisfaction in securing all forms of federal workers compensation benefits for our clients.  I enjoy speaking with them by phone or through our website web chat where we get to see each other and discuss the particular options available in the case at the time.


Probably my favorite part of federal workers' compensation is in securing a schedule awardfor my clients.  I believe it allows me the greatest latitude for being creative. It also makes my clients happy when we secure, at times, large sums of money for the schedule award.


I will continue to add information and updates to the website in order to provide injured federal workers with a place to come and learn the things that they may need to know for their case.  I am hopeful that visitors can leave comments or their story in order to better educate the rest of us.  

























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