Continuation of Pay - The 45 days explained

Continuation of pay (COP) is provided by the employer

to federal employees who have sustained an injury through

a traumatic (one time or one shift) event while on the job.

Continuation of pay runs for 45 days.


Questions arise as to when that 45 day period

starts. Also how is it calculated if the individual

returns to work before 45 day period ends but

then he or she must go back out because the

injury would not allow continued activity at work.

The rule is that COP begins the day after the injury if the employee

is disabled from work on the date of the accident. If the employee

is not immediately disabled from work on the date of the accident

he or she must begin using COP within 45 days from his or her

return to work.

If the employee returns to work before utilizing the balance of the

45 days of COP, he or she has 45 days from the date of the

return to work to use the remainder of time available.

If, for instance, the employee returns to work after using 30 days

of COP, that employee has 45 days (from the date that the

employee returned to work ) within which to utilize the remaining

15 days of COP.


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