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The forms shown below are the most common ones used by the OWCP.  If you have questions or problems with other forms, please write or call us for help.

CA-1 - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

Form CA-1 functions as a notice of (1)traumatic injury and (2) initiates a claim for compensation. It must be filed with the employer within 30 days from the date the injury occurred.  A traumatic injury takes place at one moment or during the course of one shift. Examples of traumatic injuries include:  lifting; falling; motor vehicle accidents and other one time events.

CA-2 - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

Form CA-2 covers claims for non-traumatic injury and should be filed within 30 days from the time that the injured worker knew or should have known that the injury was brought about by workplace activity.  A non-traumatic injury takes place over more than one shift. It is usually brought about by instances of repetitive activity or exposure.  Examples include:  keyboard use; certain types of continuous lifting; exposure to toxins in the workplace.  

CA-7 - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

Form CA-7 is filed for the purpose of claiming compensation.  The first CA-7 is usually submitted to request wage loss payments when the injured worker is unable to return to work.  

If the employee suffers a traumatic injury, she would receive continuation of pay(COP) from the employer for the first 45 days. During that time period, she would file the CA-7 requesting wage loss from the OWCP for the time period thereafter. 

 If the employee suffers a non-traumatic injury, she would file form CA-7 immediately to request payment of wage loss since continuation of pay (COP) is not provided for non-traumatic injuries.

Form CA-7 is also utilized to request compensation when a schedule award is approved by the OWCP. 


CA-16 - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

Form CA-16 is a fantastic tool which should be utilized by every injured worker who suffers a traumatic injury.  It should be provided by the employer to the employee on the day of the injury. Form CA-16 requires the OWCP to pay all doctors visits and diagnostic testing performed on the employee for the first 60 days after issuance of the form.  If the form is not provided and the employee does not request it within the first week, it will probably be too late.

CA-20 - Steve Barszcz, Esq.

Form CA-20 is completed by the treating physician for the purpose of providing medical information necessary to support the claim of the injured worker that the injury and the need for treatment are related to and caused by the workplace activity. Form CA-20 is usually submitted along with form CA-7 to support the claimant's request for wage loss payments.



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