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The question is whether you are entitled to a Schedule Award and if so, how much?  Review the information below for more insight.  

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Determine whether you have a body part that is eligible for a schedule award.  The table below lists the schedule members (parts of the body listed under the FECA act). If your accepted injury is listed below, you are probably entitled to a schedule award.


If you are deserving of a schedule award, the next question will be in regard to the number of weeks that you should be paid for your injury. You'll note that the schedule provides for a maximum number of weeks payment for each accepted body part.


Body Part Maximum Weeks         

Body Part

Maximum Weeks
Arm 312 Hearing Loss  
Leg 288 1 Ear 52
Hand 244 2 Ears 200
Foot 205 Vision Loss 160
1st Finger 205 Breast 52
2nd Finger 30 Kidney 156 
3rd Finger 25 Larynx 160
4th Finger 15 Lung 156
Thumb 75 Penis 205
Great Toe 38 Testicle 52
Other Toes 16 Ovary 52
Eye 160 Uterus/Cervix 205
Tongue 160 Vulva/Vagina 205



Secure the appropriate medical paperwork, include examination and diagnostic testing, to document the gravity of your injuries and substantiate the size of your schedule award.


Submit the legal and medical documentation to the claims examiner who will forward the paperwork to the district medical advisor for review and a decision.

IMPORTANT - many injured workers suffer from spinal injuries to the neck and low back.  They cannot be paid for those injuries to the spine but can receive a Schedule Award based upon permanent impairment to the arms or legs caused by the spinal injury.

The reason why most schedule awards are denied or underpaid is inadequate medical management and documentation of the claim for the award.  Unfortunately, many treating doctors are not adequately versed in the medical/legal implications surrounding the request for a schedule award.

We find that we have the most success by utilizing our hand picked physicians to work up the paperwork and the medical portion of the claim then provided to us for completion of the legal part of a claim.We would highly recommend that you contact us for a free evaluation regarding your entitlement and amount of your schedule award.


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