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Individuals that have been denied Social Security Disability face a very trying and frustrating situation for both themselves and their families. It is a very regular occurrence that an individual is denied Social Security Disability by the Social Security Administration leaving him or her to request re-consideration or a hearing. Hiring an attorney who is aggressive and knowledgeable of the laws of Social Security Disability will ensure that your disability case is placed in the most favorable light before the Administration, and if necessary, before the Administrative Law Judge at your hearing.

To qualify for Social Security Disability you must have worked five of the last ten years before becoming disabled. If you have not worked at least five of the last ten years, you may still qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

You can apply for disability benefits if you have been disabled for the last year or expect to be disabled for the next year. If your claim for Social Security Disability has already been denied, you may have specific time limits within which to reapply or request a hearing. You should contact an attorney immediately.

If you have not yet applied for Social Security Disability or Social Security Income and feel as though your condition may require that you receive benefits from the Federal Government, please contact our office immediately.

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