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Often times, our clients tell us that they initially try to represent themselves against the OWCP.  If you have tried to represent yourself in your claim, you may find that things can go from bad to worse because the claims examiner knows and understands all the rules of the Federal Employees' Compensation Act while you may not.

Our firm represents injured federal workers throughout the country for various issues under the Federal Employees'Compensation Act.  Some hire us for guidance and direction before things go bad.  Others ask for our help after they have received denials, terminations or delays.  We don't shy away from a fight and we pride ourselves on obtaining benefits for clients who legally deserve them.  Those benefits may include money, medical care, return to work issues or schedule awards. 

If you are unable to return back to work with the federal government, your best option may be to receive  OPM Retirement Disability and/or Social Security Disability.  We work every day to secure disability benefits for new and existing clients who are unable to return back to work.  We will happily strive to obtain the maximum amount of benefits you deserve under those laws as well.

We believe that the federal government does not provide adequate information to its injured workers about the major issues in federal workers compensation.  They certainly don't provide answers to important questions that you may have.  Consequently, you don't know how to fight the claims examiner for a benefit that is rightly yours and you don't know where to turn for information and resources to fight the claim.

We developed this site to provide you with as much information as possible on the issues that are most important to you.  If you can't find the answer to your question after reviewing the blogs, videos and pages, please email or call us and we will get you the answer if one is available. 



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